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Your personal guide to choose the best TMT in the market.

How to choose the best TMT bars?

If you are reading this content piece, the chances are that you are interested in buying the best TMT for your project. This is no lesser-known fact that buildings and structures are built with lots of dreams and hard-earned resources.

One should realize that TMT bars are more than just one of the other constructional materials. They literally and figuratively strengthen structures for upcoming times. It is critical that you choose more than just better. Choose the right one, choose the best TMT Bar for your dream project.

So, here are our top 5 essential points to consider before buying any TMT.

1. Check the standard quality of the TMT.

Always check the bars you re going for are as per the international standard.

BIS 1786-2008. Why do you ask? It Is because it guarantees you the best-tested chemical a

nd mechanical properties.

2. Lookup for right Grade.

Different grades of the TMT bars

Grades of TMT depend on the composition of material TMT is made of. There are commonly three grades used in the Indian market, namely Fe 415, Fe500, Fe550. They differ in their unique properties in terms of bendability, tensile strength, Earthquake resistance and the type of structure one are interested in developing. Since with the advancement of time and technology, Fe550 stands out with its extraordinary chemical and physical strength and is advisable for a home to big commercial projects.

3. Flexibility and bendability

So you want that beautiful vaulted ceiling? Then ensure avoiding cracks and hazardous situations behind that vaulted ceiling! How? Choose a TMT which retains its flexibility and can give a complete bendability feature to your structure. The rigidity of low-quality TMT bars can make you stand in an unavoidable hazardous condition. Count the areas which are earthquake-prone and have a moving activity of continually moving tectonic plates underneath. Before designing ensure you choose a bendable TMT bar for avoiding cracks and instability of the structures.

4. Fire-resistant property

Let’s go back to basic science and agree to the fact that fire is hazardous and carries the enormous potential of turning a structure into ashes. A fire-resistance power of the TMT can bring a massive difference to this situation. A right choice of TMT can help the loss of structural strength in these situations.

5. Corrosion-resistant TMT bars

The thermo-mechanical process provides the necessary ductility and tensile strength required for the construction industry. Steel is an alloy of iron that provides better corrosion resistance. Corrosion can lead to the unavoidable damage of structure from internally. Corrosion of TMT bars can create a hazardous condition for the people living in it and around the structure. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you keep the safety at priority at any cost.

Corrosion resistant TMT bars

TMT bars prove to be the additional reinforcement. The primary purpose of TMT Bars is to resist tensile stress in particular regions of the concrete that may cause structural failure or crack. Therefore, choosing the TMT Bars that are concrete and are power-packed with high performance is necessary. Hope this will help you select the best TMT Bars.

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How to check the quality of TMT bars at home?

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