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Necessary checklist to build a strong foundation of house

How to build a strong foundation of house

Why is it important to build a solid foundation?

Building core foundation is a crucial and very 1st step in building a construction project. Here are few of the reasons-

  1. A solid foundation supports the structure above.

  2. Provide robust and firm support to the structure for a long period of time.

  3. Higher degree of safety and firmness.

  4. Keep out the unwanted moisture and groundwater.

  5. It anchors the structure from collapsing against the natural forces as earthquakes.

Checkpoint no. 1

Soil and site testing before laying a solid foundation

Soil and Site inspection

  • Remember that the foundations are of different types and each type is subjected to many factors like soil quality, moisture retention, density of rocks present in the ground.

  • The expansion and contraction of clay is considered as the villain of a solid foundation whereas sand can create gaps beneath the foundation and can adhere to frequent water logging problems.

  • To know the best solution you should contact the structural engineer who would help you in these situations professionally.

Checkpoint no. 2

Selecting type of foundation- Magna TMT bars

Choosing the right type of foundation

Broadly, foundations are divided into two categories



Depending on the depth of soil it is placed. Generally, shallow foundations are no more than 3 feets. Whereas this factor varies taking deep foundation into consideration.

There are many factors one should consider before considering the right type of foundation for the construction project.

Some of these are

  • Economical feasibility

  • Life of structure

  • Seismic zone of the location

  • Type of adjoining structure

  • Water table

  • Type of construction material

Checkpoint no. 3

Excavation process for building foundation- Magna TMT Bars

Foundation excavation process

  • Clear the site from the top most layer first. Including vegetation like trees or underbush, deadwood, stumps, large rocks or the remains of the previous structures.

  • Mark the area decided to be excavated.

  • Make room for the machinery which will help excavating the allotted marked area.

Checkpoint no. 4

Reinforcement steel (TMT Bars) bonds well with concrete and helps in becoming strong material to overcome earthquake or even thermal shock in future.

Reinforcement steel (TMT Bars ) work

  • The next step involves insertion of reinforcement bars, preferably good quality of TMT bars- Fe 550, Fe-500.

  • Concrete must reinforced with top quality of TMT bars. This is because concrete though is strong against compression alone but has low tensile and ductility.

  • To over come this problem, insertion of TMT steel is suggested and becomes absolutely necessary for the safety of the construction.

  • Reinforcement steel (TMT Bars) bonds well with concrete and helps in becoming strong material to overcome earthquake or even thermal shock in future.

  • Type of mesh used in the footing is decided by the structural engineer according to the load analysis.

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Check point no. 5

Concrete Pouring on the TMT bar- Magna TMT bar

Pouring of concrete

The final important step of your Building Foundation is the pouring of concrete into the Footing.

  • The concrete should be as per the approved design grade.

  • For the quality check, workability of the concrete to be checked periodically during the process of concreting work and take concrete test cubes of required numbers to check the crushing strength of the test cubes at 7 days and 28 days respectively.

  • The concrete should be compacted well into place and cured adequately. Curing should start early and should be continued for a sufficient period to ensure that it develops the desired strength and does not crack.

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