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How we make our steel strong: Magna® and TMT Technology

Man has been constructing things since the beginning of time, but century after century, his techniques evolved. Technology has revolutionised every industry on the face of the earth. For construction, it brought in new infrastructure, materials and methods. But undoubtedly, the game changer of modern construction was the invention of steel. As of today, there are more than 3500 grades of steel in the world. So, what differentiates Magna®’s TMT bars from the rest of them?

Without a doubt, the technology used to make steel plays a major role in the quality of steel. That is why Magna® Steel uses the cutting edge Thermex quenching system to produce the best iron rod for construction. Hailing from the world-renowned Henningsdorfers Stahl Engineering group in Germany, this system of producing steel is a tried and tested world-beater. Henningsdorfers are known globally for their welding capabilities.

The quenching system involves an intricate process of rapidly cooling hot steel to make it harder and sturdier. It is this process that allows Magna® Steel to produce TMT bars that never buckle under any pressure. Once the steel is heated to certain temperatures, the cooling effect produces a harder material by hardening the surface of the hot metal as it is cooled. Given that there are so many variations to how long and at what rate the metal is cooled, Magna® has worked tirelessly for years to find the right balance between the two. The patented formula we follow allows us to create the best TMT bars in the country.

What is the “Thermex “ in ‘Thermex Quenching Technology’?

Thermex is actually a reflection of Thermomechanical processing. This is a technique that combines mechanical or plastic deformation processes like compression with thermal processes quenching. So while the quenching process already makes steel strong, combining it with the thermomechanical process consolidates the strength of the steel even more. This is known as a thermomechanical treatment. Steel that is made from this kind of treatment, is popularly known as TMT Bars (Thermo Mechanical Treatment Bars).

While the steel is being cooled for solidification, thermomechanical processes such as compression pressurize the core, helping to form the correct crystal structures. These TMT bars are 20% stronger and sturdier than conventional CTD bars. Furthermore, after the TMT process, the steel no longer requires further hardening, unlike other lower grade steels. After TMT bars are made, they can be graded from a range of Fe: 415 /500 /550/ 600.

TMT Superiority

TMT bars are far superior to other grades of steel. But what are the real-world advantages of this intricate and complicated system of producing high-quality steel?

  1. TMT bars are corrosion resistant. This steel offers superior resistance to humidity in coastal areas and even underwater constructions. This resistance is what makes us one of the best TMT bar companies in India.

  2. TMT bars have high ductility. These bars can be bent to a great degree without losing their integral physical properties. This is a great bonus when it comes to house architecture and home design.

  3. TMT bars are anti-rust. TMT steel has negligent rusting when compared to the more conventional CTD steel. This means that in most cases, investing in TMT bars is a one time purchase. Beyond being a money saver, the longevity offered by TMT bars is unparalleled.

  4. TMT bars are lightweight. TMT bars are extremely logistics friendly because of their light weight. This makes transportation and storage more affordable.

Why Magna® Steel?

In conclusion, TMT bars are simply the superior choice when it comes to choosing steel for your projects. Our Steel bars are the perfect match for your vision to create the perfect project. While constructing buildings is no easy feat, Magna® can help you consolidate your efforts with our solid TMT bars. Our cutting edge Thermex quenching systems enable us to provide the best quality TMT steel in many states across the country. We are constantly pushing the boundaries with our relentless pursuit of the best quality steel in India.

Make your projects come alive with Magna® Steel. Contact us to make your dream a reality.

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