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How to check the quality of TMT bars at home?

Are you starting your construction journey?

The wise decision to check the quality of building materials before starting the construction will help you save your money and the last-minute compromises.

Since TMT bars are the backbone of the structure, checking TMT bars' quality becomes mandatory from a safety perspective.

Here is an easy checklist to verify and choose the topnotch TMT bar brand before you purchase them.

Check the quality of TMT bars at home
Check the quality of TMT bars at home


  • TMT bars must be ISI certified and must carry an ISI mark on the product and the brand/manufacturer name.

  • The manufacturers must provide you with a chemical and physical test authenticity report.

chemical and physical test authenticity report

  • Check for national certificate like → ASTM A706, JIS G3112, BS449, ASTM A615, JIS G3109 & IS 432(MS), IS 1786(HYSD)

  • TMT Bars must have a unique rib pattern that should satisfy the ISI standard for concrete bond test.

Different types of rib pattern of TMT bars- Magna TMT bars

  • Tmt Bars must satisfy the microstructure rings to verify the hardness and strength.

  • The standard length of each TMT rod should be 12m.

  • Check for the manufacturer's licence as it is provided to a manufacturer only if they satisfy the strict safety standards.

  • It is advisable to buy only ISO, and BIS approved and certified brands.

  • Ensure the TMT bars adhere as per IS 1786:2008 it defies the chemical composition requirements for reinforced steel.

  • Pitch length between twists should be 8-12 times that of the nominal diameter of the bar.

  • The diameter of each bar should be the same and consistent.

  • The TMT, when delivered, should be rust free, grease-free, paint-free while receiving the order.

  • Test the % of carbon. The amount of C in the bar should not exceed 0.25% [IS 1786-1985 Cl-3.2 ]

Here are some tests you can do-it-yourself to ensure that you purchase the quality TMT bars.

Bend Test- Bend the bar at 180° & observe the behavior of the rebar.

The result- It should not crack or rupture.

Rebend Test- Bend the bar at 135° & observe the behavior of the rebar.

Place it in 100°C hot water for 30 mins. Then bend at 157.5° & observe the behavior of the rebar.

The result- The bar must bend without any crack formation.

Check for mass per meter run-

This involves cutting off a minimum of 4 samples of 1 meter each to check their standard weight according to the IS 1786 to check the nominal mass tolerance.


DxD/ 162= …. Kg/m

D= Diameter of the bar

Note: These tests carried out at the site cannot be considered final, although they can give a rough idea of the quality you are receiving. Proper tests carried by approved labs or institutes are advised to consider the conclusion.

Magna TMT bars satisfy all the above checkpoints and give their guarantee card proof of their authentic and superior quality TMT bars.

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