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7 Essential things we overlook before construction

Let's talk building! The funny part about the construction is that a lot of things go behind the curtains of those beautiful Pinterest pictures!

So much planned for designs and decoration that we often forget about our zero experience on the construction process.

Here are easy to-do check list before you begin your construction journey.

Things to look before construction -  Magna TMT bars

1. Quality

Verify! How do you check the quality of the materials used on your building?

Ask these following questions to yourself

Q1. Is the brand name enough to trust the quality of products?

Q2. Are there any concrete methods to test these material on your own?

Q3. Verify the brand certification, ISI and authenticity.

Here is an easy way to fix your problem. For, e.g. Know the basic standard parameter to check out the quality of the TMT bars.

For example, Quality Standard for choosing the best TMT bar is to make sure to go for TMT Steel bars as per the BIS 1786-2008 standard.

So with this information, it becomes necessary to check the best TMT bar with the contractor you have hired or the project manager who is taking care of such things.

Here is a an easy guide to help you select the best TMT bars for your construction

2. Budget

Budget for construction

An essential aspect of any construction project is that it covers your budget.

- Do not aim recklessly for the extra where the cost-cutting affects the crucial covering of your construction.

- Budgeting will require you to look into the project deeply.

- Know the amount of raw material expected to utilize and cut the cost if the budget exceeds your expectation.

Pro TIP- Do not shy away to talk about your budget to your contractor openly. Discuss how you can manage the demands in the fixed budget. Cut down the extras which can be fixed afterwards.

3. The right raw material for the correct type of location

Your project's location plays a vital role in choosing the type of raw material, including TMT bars, type of concrete and brick with different properties.

If you plan to build your dream house near a beach, understand that it will require slightly different raw materials than a house on a regular plain.

Factors like

- The altitude

- Seismic current of the location

- Earthquake frequency

- Soil structure

- Accessibility

Plays a crucial role in building your project and also effects the cost. An easily accessible place will get the materials on time and will safe you time, energy, labor and your money.

4. Know your project

Understand the area and requirements of the structures. Ask yourself if you want to build one more storey in the near future? Consider these requirements and choose the raw materials accordingly.

Build the foundation keeping this requirement in mind.

Predicting the future project will require you to choose only the best.

5. Bob the Builder

Hire the right professionals for your construction

Builders, Constructors, Engineers, Architects and workers are responsible for building your dreams into reality; hence, choosing them judiciously becomes an absolute necessity.

  • Choose the ones you are comfortable within the process of construction.

  • You need to take care that you easily communicate with them about your needs and budget. Visit the site regularly and appreciate the workers' hard work.

  • Tell the senior person in charge if you found something not appealing. Request them to change it to how it can come out the best way.

  • Consider the engineering advice for safety and sustenance over your list of needs for appearance.

Remember that since these people are taking care of your needs, it would benefit you to take care of their needs.

That certainly doesn't mean that you can not negotiate with them!

6. No compromise with building materials

Be it cement, concrete, TMT Bars, bricks or rest of the primary building material.

Remember compromising on quality is never an option.

Many people take extra care of the materials' quantity but forget to check the quality standard of basic building materials.

- Double-check the material before purchasing.

- If your contractor is buying on your behalf, never hesitate to ask them the brand the quality and guarantee of the material being used.

- Invest on the best quality materials.

7. Legalities & Documentation

Check Legal documents before any construction

Examine and verify! Seek legal advice if necessary.

Double-Check the documents

- Plot legal documents

- Approved layout plan

- Tax department

- Land usage under non-agricultural

- Completion or occupied certificate

Remember, the construction cost varies widely on the quantity and quality of the material to be used. Before you think about the upcoming expenses, you would want to safeguard the ship before sailing.

As much it is hard to do but enjoy the process as much as you can. You will be challenged and your patience will be tested but look in to the bright side. You will be amazed to see your vision, hard work and dreams coming to life right in front of your eyes.

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