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10 common questions about TMT bars that you need to know

What are TMT bars? How are they manufactured?

Q1. What is a TMT bar?

  • TMT is a series of unique thermomechanical processes to make durable steel rods using modern metallurgy science.

  • TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment

  • TMT holds an essential status in construction and civil establishments.

Q2. How are TMT bars manufactured?

The TMT process helps the rods become tough on the outside and soft on the inside. This is because the variation of temperature gives two layers of steel.

These two layers are known as:-

  • Tough outer core- Gives ductility, strength and hardness

  • Soft inside core- Gives flexibility with better bendability

Metallurgically, there are three allotropes of iron that are responsible for giving the desired TMT bars.

• Ferritic

• Austenitic

• Martensitic

Q3. Why do we choose TMT bars for construction?

  • TMT bars do not carry surface deformities and give better strength to structures.

  • TMT bars can bear a sudden stress load. Thus, making them an excellent choice to use in seismic zones like 3, 4 and 5.

  • TMT carries great ductile strength- Which gives a free hand to build unique design structures.

  • TMT process makes them corrosion-resistant thus are used in constructions like dams, bridges or canals. (Frequent contact with water)

  • Due to numerous properties of strength, they give longevity to the structures in future.

  • TMT plays a vital role in reinforcing the concrete to avoid cracks.

  • TMT bars are fire resistant and can resist fire to up to 1000 degree Celsius.

  • TMT bars are cost-effective and feasible when compared to other steel bars.

Q.4 Why do TMT bars have a unique rib pattern on the surface?

  • Anchoring Grip- TMT’s unique rib pattern is embedded at an unusual angle for better bonding and anchoring with the cement or concrete.

  • Extra Safety- The grip plays a vital role in high seismic activity zones. The concrete holds better to TMT bars if it happens to get an earthquake shock. Hence, providing extra coverage of safety.

  • Avoids cracking of the cement.

Q. 5 What are the types of Stainless Steel?

The main types of stainless steel are

• Ferritic

• Austenitic

• Martensitic

Q.6 Why is cement reinforced with TMT bars in the construction process?

  • Simply for enhancing the better holding and anchoring properties of the structure.

  • Cement or concrete has a tremendous compressive property but low tensile and ductility. This is why cement is reinforced with TMT bars, as it creates better bondage and avoids slippage.

  • This reinforcement helps to avoid cracks within concrete/ cement.

  • The temperature change in the environment helps them expand and contract freely while undergoing different compression, tension and shear forces.

Q.7 What are the factors that matter before choosing a TMT bar?

  • Standard quality of the TMT bars- as per the international standard. BIS 1786-2008

  • The right type of grade

  • Flexibility and bendability

  • Fire-resistant property

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Earthquake resistant

  • Cost-effective

Q.8 How many grades of TMT bars are available?

  • Traditionally there are 9 grades of TMTs available.

  • However, these days most popularly used and reliable is Fe-550 grade TMT bars

  • Some of these are Fe - 415, Fe- 500, Fe- 550D & Fe-600

Q.9 How Can I Check the quality of TMT bars?

  • TMT bars must be ISI certified and must carry an ISI mark on the product

  • Brand/manufacturer name should be engraved with the grade on each TMT bar.

  • Manufacturers must provide you with a chemical and physical test authenticity report.

  • The standard length of each TMT rod should be 12m

  • Ensure the TMT bars adhere as per IS 1786:2008

  • The diameter of each bar should be the same and consistent

  • when delivered, should be rust free, grease-free, paint-free while receiving the order

Q.10 What are the different uses of TMT bars?

TMT bars can be used in every possible construction around you.

These can include big projects like

  • Highways

  • Flyovers

  • Bridges

  • Dams

  • Airport

  • Stadiums

  • Power plants

  • Skyscrapers

Small projects like

  • Villa

  • House

  • Swimming Pool

  • Commercial places

  • Complex buildings

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How to check the quality of TMT bars at home?

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